Swe Bar Lagos

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Swe Bar Lagos is “THE” place to be with its ambience.

Its uniqueness is Swe’s versatility; A quiet get-away spot during the day that’s WI-FI enabled where you can have lunch with colleagues/friends and relax and its conversion to a night-club late at night.

With the plasma tvs and multi-media projector its unlimited viewing pleasure for sports lovers to watch the premiership, champions league, formula 1 and loads more.


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    • Josie 22/05/2017 at 04:36 #

      And enjoy following a &#0#a8;te2m&28221; who doesn’t pay the bills of the developmental team they sponsor (local side who ended up suing them) and has a director of football who doesn’t even live in the country. Oh yeah, that group of hucksters cares about soccer here bahaha The imaginary team will attract fans with imaginary constitutions

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