Ember Creek IKOYI Lagos

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Ember Creek Ikoyi is a bar resturant that is a fashion Cafe located on the waterfront of McGreggor creek, Ikoyi, Lagos. It is a Nigerian designed playboy like set-up of a resturant with an international style seafood and jetty access for a client to visit the resturant.

Ember Creek is a resort like setting in the middle of the city that attracts highly influencial individuals and credible corporate firms because of its location, good food and serene environment. Its waterfront terrace is ideal for couples dinning or having cocktails. Its location is ideal for a number of events ranging from birthday parties to corporate parties, themed parties like Salsa night or jazz night and fashion shows.

Our Capacity: We have a hosting capacity of 700 people. With our international style seafood, beautiful sound system and fantastic ambience, we guarantee a night to remember. Our menu ranges from continental dishes to African dishes depending on the choice of our client. We allow branding of the venue for that night with coporate logos and signage of our clients. We have a stage already constructed for provision of a live band.

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