3Zees Lounge

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3zees Lounge

is a high networking and flexible hangout spot that offers a range of entertainment and cuisine in 7 extremely different relaxing environments. It is a central joint, a community-oriented spot, a place with something for everyone and with special appeals to those who appreciate class and prestige. But the fact that best summarizes 3Zees is that there are 7 different lounges that offer 7 different experiences.

Located at 46b, Ogudu road in the heart of the energetic area we all know as Ogudu GRA, 3Zees is the new place to be. With its comfortable amenities of style, a state of the art Juke Box, wide screen Plasma TVs, custom designed lounges and sleek bar…3Zees has become a spot to reckon with in the circles of the highbrow individuals.

It’s got the best food and drink, served in a casual atmosphere not weighed down by stress or complaint. 3Zees has the perfect relaxed, comfortable environment for hours of lounging, eating, drinking, just catching up with friends or looking pretty. It also provides free internet for customers (during the day only)

The Restaurant offers continental and local dishes prepared to satisfy every individual’s craving. 3Zees Restaurant attends to Home Delivery services for people who have busy schedules, both at home and at the office.

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